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The travels across the world of a girl in her little red heels...

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The world is a huge place, full of culture, colour and adventure waiting to be found. I firmly believe we're born to explore, and live each day to the full. In this blog you'll find tales and tips from my travels across the globe, a little bit about life as an international dolly, my journey to the flight deck, and plenty of pictures to hopefully provide that much needed inspiration for your next trip. The only question left to answer is, where will you going be headed to?



What's in a name, and what can you expect from this?

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Prepare doors for departure and get ready for a selection of travel tips, pictures, stories and anecdotes from across the world, as well as a little bit of an insight into the world of life as an international cabin crew member. My aim is to build an international community of wanderlusters, so there will also be plenty of chance for you to submit your burning questions, and responses to my posts!

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Please note: All views and experiences  within this blog are personal and do not represent those of my employer


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I'm a 26 year old, midlands girl who's currently found her way to living in the South. More than that though, I am a true citizen of the world, and thrive on being just a little bit lost on this crazy planet.

There's two things in life that keep my heart beating. One is travel, and the opportunity to find beauty, wonder, and adventure wherever you may be in the world. The other is connecting with people. I have the privilege of doing that every day in my job as cabin crew, but now I also have the opportunity to spread my wings further, and share my experiences with people across the globe. 


The inspiration for the name came from a few different places. Firstly, Bridget Jones. Because what young woman attempting to navigate their 20s can't relate to the trials and tribulations of this amazing woman? But secondly, my most prized possession is my passport... it's my ticket to adventure. And I guess, a spare and clean pair of undies packed in the bag can never hurt!



London, UK

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