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About the author

The journey to the destination... 

I'm Jordan; a 26 year old currently based in London, England. I work within the aviation industry as a Human Factors specialist (which I am also studying for my MSc). After spending several years working as cabin crew, I am also on my own journey to the flight deck, studying for my pilot's license. I'm addicted to travel, a true professional wanderluster, and in a full time relationship with my passport. 

I decided to finally make a vision of mine reality, whilst grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having my wings essentially 'clipped' due to lockdown restrictions, I felt it was a good time to create something for wanderlusters like me, to read and be hopefully inspired to dream up their post lockdown travels. 

There's two things in life that keep my heart beating, one being travel, and the other being people. I'm so lucky that my job (if you can call it that!) allows me to connect my two passions together, and that's what I aim to find with this site. A chance to share travel stories, and connect with people across the world. 

I'm a true advocate for promoting transparency and honesty regarding mental health and wellbeing within the aviation industry, and this ties in with my work as a mentor and volunteer for several aviation organisations. So you'll almost certainly find some posts related to my volunteer/coaching work amongst the travel posts. 

My life motto is to find and follow whatever sets your heart on fire, and cling on to it with everything you've got, and that is exactly what I'm doing by following my dreams here. I'm lucky to have been invited to write articles for several prominent organisations, as well as progress my own writing on topics close to my heart. 

As mentioned above, I re-entered academia in 2020, with the aim of completing my MSc in Human Factors in Aviation. I truly am enjoying every moment of my course, and would love to raise awareness of just how crucial this area of study is, especially for those of us who spend their lives with their head in the clouds. 

I hope you enjoy reading some of the posts on here, and finding out a bit more about the incredible world that we live in. Thanks for taking the time to connect, and I'd love to hear from you with any questions or recommendations you may have.


Jordan x 

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